25 HP Craftsman Tractor Rebuild

Trusted Mike with my 10+ year old 25 HP Craftsman riding lawn tractor that leaked oil, wouldn’t start, loose steering and survived a leaf fire with damage to wiring. Had my doubts at first and minor interlock problems when received, that Mike fixed on the spot. Each time I’ve been using it, it runs like it charm and have had no service related problems. Got it back clean and believe me it has tough terrain to mow, tow and haul this old dog. Engine should last longer than me now it has new head gaskets, wiring tightened steering and lubricated joints. Might consider annual maintenance and have more small engine tools to service but first have to resolve a weird rubbing sound.

Mike had all winter to make repairs and delivered just in time for me to cut the grounds after the spring flowers bloomed. Good timing and cost effective results verses buying a new comparative tractor.

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