Tune Up Rates - Residential Mowers

Please note these are standard rates and are subject to change

Service Details

These are all included with Tune Up Service Package

  • Adjust tracking and belts (Riding mowers)
  • Adjusts all cables & controls
  • Changes engine oil
  • Drain & cleans fuel system
  • Fill with stabilized fuel
  • Inspect overall condition of the machine
  • Inspects self-propel system and lubricates drive ratchets (Walk power mowers)
  • Installs new air filter and spark plug
  • Set engine rpms within manufacturer’s specifications
  • Sharpen or replace blade(s) as needed
  • Steam clean housing
  • Test all operations.
  • Tightens and adjust all wheels and adjusters
21″/22″ Self Propel Mower
30″ Self-Propelled Mower
Zero Turn Rider
(Small Frame)
Zero Turn Rider
(Large Frame)
Rear Engine Rider

Pick Up and Delivery Service

We offer pick up & delivery services within Southern Lake County Area. When scheduling service, please inquire about charges for pick & delivery in your zip code.